WISTREAM YACHTING is a company managing yachts & mega-yachts and the result of a joint venture between a recognized group in industrial and naval projects management (merchant and military), and a committee consisting of superintendents and experts with a strong involvement in yachting.

WISTREAM proposes a wide range of maritime services, targeting the owners or managers of yachts. These services include technical management, safety management, certification and compliance, or even the follow-up of new constructions or large refit projects.

WISTREAM through its yacht management service implements and ensures a management system that effectively deals with management, and human resources, but also with methods and equipment.

In addition, WISTREAM develops its own processes and management tools. Thus, “Cindy Naval”, a maintenance follow-up software or the “ship’s health record book” allow knowing the status and the value of the registered yachts in real time.

WISTREAM has conceived an industrial organization based on the management methods used by civilian and military ship-owners, who rely on an ongoing quest for optimisation by using the industrial means that are best adapted for the purpose of maintaining the ships to their highest level of availability for the entire length of their life cycle.

The expertise of each of the associates of WISTREAM, of which some have more than 25 years of maritime experience as captain or chief engineer, is entirely dedicated to the technical and administrative management of boats. Thus they guarantee a genuine support to the crews to increase their availability for their commercial tasks.

In the function as project manager, WISTREAM directs its services towards a controlled reduction of maintenance costs without actually calling into question safety, or classification or flag requirements.

Thanks to the relationships of trust developed over time with its numerous international partners, WISTREAM guarantees services of the highest quality.
Technical Support
» Implement “Yacht reliability centered maintenance”
» Maintenance activities and budget
Annual maintenance, management of major projects, technical support ...

Through the technical analysis of the ship by our teams, we will develop a maintenance plan that will be updated and reviewed annually, using our network of specialists. We will follow up and report on all major tasks and processes.
If the ship is not equipped, we will set aboard one computerized maintenance tracking software remotely controllable, allowing the real time monitoring of the technical condition of the ship.

If necessary, we will set up a "hot line" to respond within 24 hours to any request for corrective action on any device.

We will implement the logistics for the supply of replacement parts regardless of the position of the vessel in Europe or internationally.

» Refit management
» Plan and Conduct of all types of works
» Providing spares parts
In association with the best naval architects and construction or repair sites, we'll manage all phases of a REFIT project

An overall budget will be based on technical requests or specific requests from owners

We will consider all aspects of the changes requested by the owners and the peculiarities of yachts with all the equipment in order to retain and offer of technical solutions that will be adapted and planned in the overall project to meet the customer demands,

Our team will identify and propose the best shipyards for the tasks,

Our engineers and coordinators will oversee each stage of work until the delivery of the vessel.
Safety management
» ISM and Mini ISM management
» Ship security assessments and plans
» On-board safety and security audits
» Yacht DOC (Document of Compliance) and DPA
» Risk assessment archives
» Fleet circulars and safety notices
» Crew training
Ensure compliance with classification requirements and other maritime laws which are applicable:

We will hand over all the technical requirements and the various codes in usage to ensure the compliance of maintenance or refit,

We will guarantee the issuance of certificates of classifications by setting timelines for regulatory visits to observe and monitor the respect to all applicable regulations & laws

As a certified auditor or designated person, we will develop and implement the requirements of the ISM and ISPS codes, MARPOL

We will ensure the administrative steps necessary to ensure that all crews are trained as required by international regulations.
Certification & compliance
» Issuance of class and certificates:
    - International safety rules
    - National regulations of Flag states administrations
    - International conventions (and Large Yacht Codes)
    - Port State regulations
    - Classification Society rules and regulations
» Crew qualification
We will provide the tools to ensure proper certification and the issuance of all statutory certificates.
New construction management
» Plan the project and choose a suitable concept designer
» Select the best shipyard and suppliers
» Handle and negotiate contracts
» Manage the various construction phases
» Monitor contractors’ technical and financial performance
» Arrange all of the surveys, manage classification, flag and technical
» regulatory paperwork
The construction of ships or yachts will be supervised by our teams in cooperation with the architects, decorators, analysts and shipyards offices to be selected by the owner or his representative.

We will be the guarantors of the interests of the owner and as such, we will ensure compliance with the technical and financial integrity of the study plans and their realization until delivery of the vessel.

We will ensure that the project meets not only the desired design criteria and administrative requirements, but we will also ensure that aspects of service monitoring, operation and maintenance are to be integrated in the overall service structure.
In service logistics support
» Certification
» Cruise and Voyage Planning
» Arranging Suitable Berths
» Appointing Appropriate Agents
» Provinding Provisions and Stores World-Wide
» Fuel Oil and Lubricating Oil
Computer maintenance management system tools
» Improvement of the profitability of ships in the maritime industry
» Fleet management optimization
» Procurement management
» Stocks management
» Automated scheduling of maintenance tasks
» Linked to stores
» Handle all work orders
» Allow for capture of time spent on maintenance tasks
» Great capacity for trend analysis
» All previous data stored in system
Creation of a vessel health management system
Our professional approach of ships’ management allows us to set up a "ships’ health record book” which allow owner and brokers, to have in real time the complete balance assessment of the state of the ship and thus its value of resale.
Our professional maritime outlook allows us to apply to the management of yachts and superyachts estabished principles of civil and military shipowners.

Our yacht management service implements and maintains a management system able to act effectively on all of the following levels:

       1. Management,
       2. Human Ressources,
       3. Methods,
       4. Material and equipment,

To ensure the reliability, value and safety of the yacht.

This implementation will always include cost-management in accordance with many international regulations (laws of the flag, classifications, MCA, OMI)

Our organization is based on the management methods used by civilian owners, who rely on a permanent optimization, using the best practice to maintain industrial vessels at their best level of availability throughout the cycle of their life.
Technical expertise
- Propulsion diesel engines
- Propeller & shaft lines
- Access and deck Equipment
- Rudders
- Power generators
- Electrical network & interconnexions
- Steal works
- Corrosion & coating
- Communication equipment
- Navigation systems
- Engine & power command control
Ensure that assigned yacht is managed and operated to the highest standards
Oversee and have control of the yacht’ performance, shipboard maintenance and repair programmes, dry-dockings, deficiencies, class and flag surveys, and ensure these are completed within the required time scales
Elaborate the annual yacht Operating Budgets . Monitor the development of actual costs throughout the year and take appropriate actions to ensure that expenditure is maintained within budget levels
Contribute fully to the investigation of incidents and/or accidents that happen onboard assigned yacht
Ensure Client Reports are delivered on time and to the standard required by the Client Portfolio
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